French Couture House founded in 1993 by designer Fred Sathal. Fred Sathal defines herself as a protean artist, designer of both Haute Couture and ready-to-wear, costume designer and visual artist.



A childhood between sea and hills makes her sensitive to nature and all its developments: whether animal, vegetable, cosmic, primitive, urban.



Fred Sathal opens the way for her artistic development in Marseille with theatre costume, salvage and distortion. She then meets Geneviève Sevin-Doering, who becomes her teacher for 3 years. At her side, she studies costume history and discovers the cutting technique "in one piece". This approach of building in volume enthusiasts her and she will develop her bases on this principle.



Fred Sathal moved to Paris in the early 90s, in full Grunge era, and became known by word of mouth, wearing her outfits without any limit to her creativity.

She adopts craftsmanship methods. She invents dyeing techniques by pigmentation as well as a precise language of needlework stitches, without embroidery loom, which will become this unique style of ornamentation and embroidery. Fred Sathal rethinks contemporary costume, twisting noble materials, manhandling them to transcend them into an organic achievement.

1993 marks her first appearances on glossy paper. In 1994, her first ready-to-wear show (12 will follow in this decade). In 2000, her first Haute Couture show in as a guest member of the official calendar of Couture (9 will follow in this decade). In 2006, she decides to leave the fashion world and dedicates herself to installations and exhibitions of contemporary art. She also designs and produces costumes and stage sets.


Invited by the “Chambre Syndicale of Couture” and after 8 years of absence of Parisian catwalks, Fred Sathal presents in July 2014 her collection "Color Lights", starting point for the revival of her House.

In July 2015, she presents her new collection "Arborescent".

In November 2015, the FRED SATHAL COUTURE house opens its online store, and presents a unisex range of ready-to-wear items, accessories and jewelry.



A laboratory in which mingle techniques with know-how and innovations. Yet it is still the work of the hand, the touch and the soul that predominate. Due to the hybrid nature of her creations, Fred Sathal’s universe makes visible what is behind the scenes, her pieces are reversible (two clothes in one) and show a sensitivity to matter, light, color, to the ubiquitous embroidery and to small details. A non-standardized style, intimate, that mixes contemporary and antique.

Works that give their owners the opportunity to escape from uniformity.